Custom Blinds Designed to Suit Your Style

They say love is blind – but not when you fall in love with custom blinds You know exactly what you’re getting, and it’s made exactly the way you want it when you shop at Designer Blinds.

We understand that it’s your home, space, happy place, and your spot to fill with beautiful things. So, your blinds should speak to your style, daily routine and personality. They should be something that you always love to look at.

Chat to one of our consultants and let them help you find the blinds you are looking for.

Our Blinds

We have one of the widest selections of blinds to choose from in South Africa. Choose your favourite product and find out how we can personalise it for you.

Long-lasting, lightweight blinds

Blinds that leave you spoilt for choice

The most flexible form of light control

For those that love the authentic look of wood

Beautiful blinds, made the eco-friendly way

Intelligent, thermally efficient design

Effortless automation and precise light control

Effortless automation and precise light control

3-Year Product Guarantee

All our blinds come with a 3-year guarantee. Our suppliers maintain very stringent manufacturing techniques to offer high quality products. Should the blinds be defective, they will be repaired and replaced. Kindly note that the guarantee does not cover misuse of the blinds or normal wear and tear.

Where to Buy Custom Blinds?

We have 58 stores across South Africa, situated throughout all major provinces. Wherever you are, you can have the blinds of your dreams!

Our Process


No this is a separate cost. Clients/customers can choose if they’d like to install themselves.

You can clean your blinds with a mild detergent such as sunlight. Place this on a clean sock, which you can use to slide across individual slats.

Our lead time is typically 10-12 working days from payment. This is dependent on factory queues at the time.

8 types of blinds to choose from

30 years of experience

58 stores

Satisfied Customers