We strongly believe that if one of your blind components breaks, you should not have to replace the entire blind. We offer repairs on all blinds. You can request a quote by completing the form on our Contact Us Page.

Automated Blinds Provide Effortless & Precise Light Control

Making Life More Efficient

Automated blinds find themselves within the trend of homes becoming smarter, making our lives easier and giving us full control over every activity and daily routine.

Whatever your daily routine, you can get the right amount of light, at the time you choose or at the touch of a button. Just imagine closing your blinds from the comfort of your bed before going to sleep and opening them with a simple click when you’re ready to wake up!

Get the best of functionality and aesthetics with our wide range of intelligent blinds, which can be personalised with all sorts of colours and textures and can be sized to fit your windows.

For more detailed information on motorising your blinds please see this comprehensive Brochure.

automation Benefits

Light Control:

Blinds That Can Be Motorised/Automated

Roller Blinds


This depends on the window or door sizes. We customize all blinds to fit windows/doors and very few windows/doors are the same size.

We can automate Roller Blinds, but are not able to automate Venetian Blinds or Shutters.

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