Designed for the South African Climate
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Light Control

Composite material makes blinds resistant to common issues such as water damage, mildew, colour fade or warping.

Opening/Closing Mechanisms

Not Applicable


Not available for this product.

Slat Sizes

Plaswood blinds are available in 50mm slats.


We strongly believe that if one of your blind components breaks, you should not have to replace the entire blind. We offer repairs on most blinds. Let us know if we can help you with blinds repairs.

Faux Wood Blinds with Real Ingenuity

Plaswood Venetian Blinds, also known as  New Plaswood, Faux or EcoPlas Blinds, give you that beautifully natural look of wood you love with a few added advantages. Because these blinds have been made with the South African climate in mind, they are excellent for harsh or humid temperatures and do not succumb to issues such as colour fade, warping, or mildew. They are ideal for sunrooms, kitchens and bathrooms!

Plaswood Venetian Blinds

Benefits of Plaswood Blinds

Venetian Blinds Installer

Simple Cleaning Tips for Plaswood Blinds

1. Clean with damp cloth with minimal detergents (preferably none). You can use diluted Clean Green to remove stains.


Yes, we can create them according to your window’s unique shape and size.

Yes, this type of blind is made to withstand moisture and is perfect for use in the bathroom.

Not sure what to expect when it comes to pricing for our Faux Wood Blinds? You are welcome to send through your window sizing so that we can send through a rough quote.