Light Control

Thermally efficient, energy saving design.


Not available for this product.

Slat Sizes

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We strongly believe that if one of your blind components breaks, you should not have to replace the entire blind. We offer repairs on most blinds. Let us know if we can help you with blinds repairs.

Cellular Blinds Bring You Unparalleled Blind Design

Cellular blinds (also known as honeycomb blinds) offer you cutting edge blind technology. Their honeycomb shape traps in pockets of heat, and by doing so, it helps regulate your room temperature – keeping you warm in winter and cool throughout summer. This intelligent design can greatly reduce your heating or cooling bills.

Honeycomb Blinds

Benefits of Honeycomb Blinds

Simple Cleaning Tips for Vertical Blinds

  1. Regularly clean these blinds by giving them a gentle dust, using a vacuum cleaner with a dusting attachment (be sure to use a low power setting). You can also lightly dust them with a feather duster.
  2. For stubborn stains, apply a mild detergent on a plain white cloth (to prevent any colour run) and clean with warm water. Gently dab the blinds with this.


Yes, we can create them according to your window’s unique shape and size.

Duo Tone fabric is washable. Blockout fabric can be surfaced cleaned with a sponge – not to be submerged in water.

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Need an indication of pricing for our custom cellular blinds? Send us a rough idea of your window dimensions and we’ll get back to you with a cost estimate.