A Holistic Approach to Interior Elements

Designer Blinds is an division of Top Carpets and Floors Group. The company started as a response to a gap in the market and as a complementary offering to flooring customers.

Benefitting off of over 3 decades of experience, gained from the Top Carpets and Floors Group, Designer Blinds has quickly expanded to reach all major provinces and metropolitan areas – we now have over 58 stores nationwide, employing over 170 people!

We enjoy being able to help our customers beautify their spaces with what we believe to be two of the most impactful interior elements: flooring and blinds.

What Makes us Different?

Decades of Experience in Our Industry

There's no substitute for experience, and we’ve got bucketloads of it!

Designer Blinds Near You

Operating out of the Top Carpets and Floors Group’s locales, Designer Blinds has a wide reach, making personalised, designer blinds accessible to everyone in South Africa.

Buying Power

With our vast footprint, we are able to enjoy excellent buying power, and translate this into cost savings for our customers.

All the Blinds You Can Imagine

With our long-standing relationships with different blind suppliers, we able to offer our customers almost any blind they can think of and save them time searching for the right blinds.

The Latest Trends

Our connections with international buying groups, keep us in the loop when it comes to sourcing all the latest blind designs, trends and tech.

Our Dream

We aspire to be one of the biggest blind companies in the Southern Hemisphere, offering our customers every colour, texture and style of blind known to man – helping them find exactly the right blinds to suit their space and sense of style.

Work With Us

Interior designers, architects or those in the construction industry can work with us to meet client requirements. We offer a special referral fee for making use of our products and services. Speak to us to find out how we can work together.