10 Useful Tips from the Blind Specialists in Gauteng

Your choice of window dressing plays a huge role – both in terms of the visual appeal of a room and the practical enjoyment of a space. Designer Blinds, a division of Top Carpets and Floors, are leaders in supplying quality blinds, so we asked our blind specialists in Gauteng for their top tips when purchasing blinds:

1. Start with a budget

Any blind specialist worth their salt will advise you to set a budget before you start shopping. This will guide you in terms of the product you can buy. It will also help you to prioritise certain rooms and windows above others, depending on the needs for that specific room.

2. Think about the room your dressing

The requirements for your bathroom or kitchen will be very different than those for your bedroom or family room. Choose something moisture-resistant for bathrooms, something easy to operate for family rooms, and something that blocks the light for bedrooms.

3. Consider the angle of the sun

Does the window face the sun during the day? And at what time of the day? Do you need something that will block out the light completely, allow you to manage the amount of light, or let the maximum amount of light into the room? These are all questions you need to consider when choosing the right blinds.

4. Privacy vs. view

Take what’s outside your window into consideration. Roller blinds may provide privacy when down and an unrestricted view when up, but Venetian blinds are better for privacy without having to compromise on light.

5. Colours and patterns

Light colours will generally make a room look more spacious, while dark colours make a bolder statement. Consider the colour of your furniture and your walls, and make sure the blinds match. Be wary of making a room appear too busy, but don’t be afraid to play with patterns if choosing roller blinds.

6. Make your space look larger

Are you living in a compact house or apartment? Make a room look bigger by placing your blinds slightly higher than the top of the window. This will make the windows appear larger and lengthen the room. Illusion is everything.

7. Safety first

Any blind specialists in Gauteng should recommend that you consider who will be using the blinds in a room. If small children are part of the picture, you may want to consider investing in cordless blinds for their safety.

8. Consider motorised blinds

Do you have some really tall windows in your home? Or are some of your windows in places that are hard to reach? Consider getting motorised blinds to make your life easier, and to reclaim the use of your space – and windows.

9. Get the leading blind specialists in Gauteng involved

There is no reason for you to struggle on your own. Involve the blind specialists at Designer Blinds to assist you and get it right the first time. As the experts in Gauteng, we’ll be able to give you excellent advice.

10. Have fun

Now that you have the leading blind specialists from Designer Blinds in Gauteng on your side to take care of the technical aspects, remember to have fun with the selection process. After all, this is your space and you can turn it into anything you want.