4 Amazing Products That Will Change the Way You Look at Blinds

There’s more than enough reasons to take your choice of window covers seriously. Your choice affects the privacy of your space and the amount of light you let in or keep out. As a major feature that can dominate a room, it also dictates the look and feel of the specific room. Curtains are often considered the standard choice, but there are many more options out there that deserve your consideration. The popularity of wood Venitian and vertical blinds are steadily on the rise for use in a home setting. While Designer Blinds, a division of Top Carpets And Floors, offers a great selection of these products, we also have some more exciting product choices to share with you.

With our extensive range of innovative and cutting-edge products, Designer Blinds, a division of Top Carpets And Floors, has the perfect blind for your home that will completely change your view of these versatile window coverings:

1. The Honeycomb blind

Prepare to be impressed. These gorgeous window coverings look stunning, with a design that’s unlike the blinds you’ve seen before. The sleek and modern design is perfect for the modern home, and also highly practical. The cellular fabric forms air pockets that reduce heat transmission, resulting in the blind keeping your space cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

2. The printed roller blind

Forget those images of grey and beige blinds used in offices of yesteryear. The printed roller blind offers you the option of a range of fabrics, including translucent, sunscreen and block out fabrics that boast bold and beautiful designs and colours to enhance the visual appeal of your home. Whatever your style, there’s bound to be a perfect blind for you.

3. The motorised blind

For the ultimate in convenience, why not invest in motorised blinds for your home? These are perfect for hard to reach windows, if you want to avoid the dangling cords of the traditional blind, or if you want to indulge in convenient living. A motorised blind can be controlled from virtually any room in your house with a handheld remote control, or you can use a wall-switch.

4. The window shutter

Classic style meets modern chic with these from our stunning range of custom-made shutters. Choose from a wide array of colours and wooden stains, as well as non-wood and security options. Shutters are easy to clean and maintain, and they instantly add value to your home.

Whatever your taste and needs, Designer Blinds, a division of Top Carpets And Floors, has the perfect product for your home. We aspire to help you create a living space which reflects your personal vision. Whether it be comfortably spacious, stylishly chic or just good old-fashioned, we can help you make your dream become a reality. Using our affiliation with Top Carpets and Floors–South Africa’s largest flooring retailer, we secure the best deals possible on the top-quality products out there to make sure you always get the most value for your money.