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9 Reasons to Use Designer Blinds as Your Preferred Blinds Installers

If you are looking for seamless, custom blinds, then only experienced, industry-leading blinds installers like our team can help you achieve your vision. As specialists in the industry, we at Designer Blinds work alongside homeowners, interior designers and decorators, architects, and construction contractors to provide clients with the sophisticated style they are seeking. If you are looking for expert blinds installers, there are nine reasons to partner with us.

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1. Our Blinds Installers Ensure Custom Perfection

You need high-quality blinds that are made to measure – and we happen to specialise in tailored solutions that exceed expectations. We will customise your blinds down to your last requirement, no matter the shade, style, or size you need.

2. A Vast Range of Products Perfect for Any Room

Different environments require different products. We will advise you on the best blinds and window coverings for any room – whether an office, kitchen, bathroom, or even commercial setting. No matter if you are seeking the ultimate privacy, heat insulation features, or cordless installations, we can make it happen.

3. Choose Between a Variety of Swatches and Prints

There is no need for you to settle for anything less than a colour, style, and print that perfectly matches the room and pulls it together. Our wide range offers almost all the blinds you can imagine – all you have to do is let us know what you are seeking.

4. We have Years of Experience

We have been in the interior design industry for over three decades. We know what works and what to avoid and understand what makes for the best investments. You can rely on our experience and expertise to bring you amazing deals and the most beautiful blinds.

5. Our Buying Power Extends to You

We have a vast footprint and wide reach in the industry. This means we know how to source high-quality products at superb prices – and the immense savings we receive trickle down to our loyal customers who enjoy outstanding solutions at competitive prices.

6. We Have a Nationwide Reach

We at Designer Blinds are a division of the Top Carpets and Floors Group. We operate out of the Group’s locales which can be found all over South Africa. This extensive network means more people have access to our superior range and professional blinds installers. If you are looking for a branch near you, simply click here.

7. Keep Up with the Latest Trends

As with all interior furnishings and décor, blinds change with the seasons, as does the market demand for certain styles. We have strong connections to international buying groups which enables us to keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to changing trends and innovations.

8. We Repair Blinds Too

If your installation happens to sustain any damage or requires repairs, we offer blind repair services and make quick work of fixing any issues.

9. We’ll Help You Pick Out the Right Product

Our consultants pay special attention to your needs, practical requirements, and budget to help you choose blinds and swatches perfectly suited to your dream space. Thereafter, we deliver and install the product, and show you how to care for, and maintain your installation.

For outstanding customer care and blinds installers that offer superior services, get in touch with us today.