How to Care for Your Shutters and Blinds

When it comes to window dressings, few products are as versatile, as stylish and, most of all, as convenient as shutters and blinds.

Available in a wide variety of styles, colours and finishes, shutters and blinds suit just about every environment, whether it be a contemporary luxury house, a cosy home, or a professional office space. They can easily be made to measure to suit a variety of window shapes and sizes. They are also excellent at providing privacy and controlling the level of light in a space.

The best of all is how easy they are to maintain. Where traditional curtains require lots of effort to take down, a large washing machine and a gentle, extended cycle to wash, and hours upon hours to dry before attempting the tedious process or rehanging them, shutters and blinds can be cleaned in minutes with minimal effort.

Here are simple cleaning tips for your shutters and blinds, sorted by the type of window dressing:

Cleaning instructions for shutters:

  • Close the shutters and wipe them with a dry cotton cloth to remove any dust.
  • For stubborn stains, spray with an anti-static or non-sticky household cleaner and rinse with clean water.
  • If it’s made of wood, use a soft sponge or cloth, and try to avoid scratching.
  • Also, use as little water as possible and dry them off as quickly as possible. Too much water might make them warp.
  • If it’s made of resin or material other than wood, they can be unhinged and placed on the lawn or a flat surface to be washed down.

Cleaning instructions for blinds:

  • Close them and wipe them in the same direction as the length of the slats (horizontally or vertically) with a dry cotton cloth to remove any dust.
  • Some products, such as bamboo and vertical blinds, can also be vacuumed.
  • For stubborn stains, spray the surface with an anti-static or non-sticky household cleaner and then rinse with clean water. Ensure that the slats or surface is completely dry before raising.
  • If it’s made of wood, try not to use too much water as this could cause damage or warping.
  • If there are stubborn stains or mildew on bamboo products, you can also try a mixture of water and vinegar. Use a soft sponge to remove the excess dirt and grime, and gently scrub each blind or slat until they are all clean.
  • In the case of aluminium, roller and vertical blinds, if they are still not clean after following the steps above, you will need to remove them and place them in a tub of warm water with some household cleaner (or laundry detergent for roller blinds). Let them soak for a while, then give them a light scrub with a cleaning brush. Make sure to rinse them with clean water and then hang them in a shady spot to dry to avoid streaks. Do not raise or close them until they’re completely dry.

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