Custom Blinds

4 Fantastic Reasons to Opt for Our Custom Designer Blinds

There is one thing that sets regular homeowners apart from homeowners of distinction – tailored furnishings. If you have an eye for excellence, you understand that following the typical template of what looks good in a home simply won’t do. You need a space that communicates your level of taste, your individual style, and your creativity. This is true whether you are looking for everything from floors, furniture, and even window dressings. Here at Designer Blinds, we understand the need for bespoke services and tailor-made window coverings, which is why we provide custom blinds that you can personalise to suit your home.

custom blinds

1. Represent Who You Are

You don’t fit the same, standard mould that everyone else does – so why should your home? If you enjoy setting trends and marching to the beat of your own drum, then your home should be a reflection of this. As an extension of you, every room within your house should draw on your inspired sense of style and lifestyle needs to provide you with a space that caters to you. Whether your household consists of a large family (kids and pets included), or if you are a single professional looking to streamline your living space, we can help you. Our custom collection offers a wide range of options, from vertical slats to roller and motorised blinds that make life easier. Choose between trendy styles, colours, fabrics, and textures to bring your vision to life.

2. Get that Perfect Fit

Nothing is worse than purchasing something for your home that does not quite seem to fit. With us, you won’t need to worry about the length or width of your window coverings, as ours are made-to-measure. We give you design flexibility, which means you have a say in precisely how you want your custom blinds made and installed. Our professionals are also on standby with endless options and expert advice if you have any questions.

3. Easy Ordering and Installation

You are free to browse and view our swatches online, as well as pop into one of our nationwide stores to view our massive selection. We have a vast network of suppliers which gives us both buying power (this means better prices for you) and a wide range of products from which to choose. Once you have selected your desired custom blinds, we take care of the measuring, delivery and installation for you. This seamless process, from start to finish, ensures a professional result you are sure to adore.

4. Enjoy Guaranteed Quality

With decades of industry experience, we know what excellence means. We also keep up to date with the latest trends and go out of our way to ensure quality, affordability and a superb experience for every customer with whom we partner. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and you can rely on us to go the extra mile to help you spruce up your space.

For various kinds of custom blinds that come with a minimum three-year guarantee, don’t hesitate to request your quote today. Alternatively, you can visit a branch near you and enjoy our exceptional services and friendly team.