Custom Shutters

Installing Custom Shutters in Your Home

Custom shutters add stylish elegance to any home. Whether you choose classic wooden varieties stained in a colour and hue of your choosing, modernised vinyl or composite models, you’ll enhance your space and enjoy the stylish design of customised shutters. This option works well in a variety of rooms, from living areas and kitchens to bedrooms and offices. Once you’ve experienced the wonderful benefits of this product, it’s unlikely that you’ll want to return to conventional curtains. 

custom shutters

Professional Installation is Best

When it comes to installing custom shutters, it’s always advisable to choose professional installation. They’ll measure your space precisely, ensuring that the shutters fit just right. They’ll also attach your new shutters with total accuracy, meaning that the window covering will function optimally. When you opt for professional fitting of shutters and blinds, you will also get to enjoy the particular item’s warranty, adding to your peace of mind.

If you choose to order our custom Aluvert blinds, made from durable polyresin, you will experience premium quality and resilience. These shutters are resistant to warps, cracks, chips, and fading, meaning that they’ll last for many years, effortlessly looking as good as new. They are also fire retardant, waterproof, and mildew resistant for added durability.

Whatever style you choose, the team at Designer Blinds are always ready to assist you and offer expert advice.

Explore the Wonderful World of Custom Shutters

Custom shutters, which are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, also have several impressive functional advantages over conventional curtains. When you choose from our range, you can enjoy the following features:

  • Better light control, including a block-out feature
  • Easier to clean
  • Will complement your home’s colour scheme as they can be personalised accordingly
  • Enhance your home’s value since custom shutters are a sought-after window-covering option
  • Offer privacy and peace. Whether you want to let the light shine in or close off to the world, they can do it all.

Since you can customise your shutters according to colour and texture, you can also ensure that they reflect your personal aesthetic. Browse our various options, or request a swatch if you’re going for a textured fabric blind. This will allow you to see and feel the fabric in the flesh and place it in the chosen room to check if it matches the current colour scheme and interior. We also stock a variety of other blind solutions, including Venetian, Roller, Honeycomb, and more, many of which can be motorised.  Whatever your space needs, we have the perfect window covering solution.

Request a Quote

If you’ve been dreaming of new custom shutters or blinds, why not request a zero-obligation quote from us? Simply send us a message and reference the product you’re interested in, and we will gladly advise you about estimated costs. With 58 stores across South Africa, we are easily accessible in all major cities. We also pride ourselves on excellent customer service and premium products with a great price tag. High-quality custom shutters and blinds don’t have to break the bank when you shop with us.