Custom Vertical Blinds

Are Our Custom Vertical Blinds Right for You? Ask Yourself These Questions

Customers often approach us after seeking window covering options but fail to find something that will suit their space, personal taste, and budget. With us at Designer Blinds, you can finally enjoy a wide range of suitable products that don’t just perform well but offer seamless style at a fantastic price. Our bespoke services and tailored window solutions mean that anyone can find a product that is made to measure and is installed precisely to their liking. If you are thinking about getting a quote on our custom vertical blinds, then these questions are for you.

Custom Vertical Blinds

Is Complete Light Control Important in Your Home?

Light control is vital to many households. Direct sunlight, for example, can damage certain flooring and furnishings over time. In the late afternoon and early evening, letting more light in is also helpful. Our custom vertical blinds give you the ultimate light control as the slats can be drawn completely to one side for an unobstructed view of the outside world. Slats can also be tilted to filter out harsh UV rays when the sun is high. The closed overlapping slats and block-out material also make complete privacy and daytime darkness possible. This is helpful in reducing energy bills, as the slats can let more of the sun in during winter, which reduces the need for heating.

Are You Seeking More Colour and Texture Options?

Options when it comes to shades and texture are important, as the wrong hue can throw off the balance and harmony in a room. Our custom vertical blinds come in several options, such as exciting prints, solid colours and bold designs suitable for any preference. Whether you are looking for something to give your room more colourful flair, or want a more muted, reserved window covering, our range won’t disappoint you.

Do You Want Something Easy to Clean and Maintain?

Curtains are difficult to clean, as removing them takes time, and many require professional dry-cleaning services. Our custom vertical blinds are a breeze to clean as they do not gather much dirt and grime due to how they hang. Cleaning them only entails wiping them down with a dry cotton cloth or vacuuming them if they do become dusty. If you want to do more than dusting or spot-cleaning, the slats can be removed and washed in water.

Are You Seeking a Window Covering for a Small Space?

Curtains take up more space than blinds and will make a room appear smaller. For already-tight spaces, our custom vertical blinds are a superb idea. The clean, vertical lines create the appearance of more height in the room, which tricks the eye into thinking the area is more spacious than it is.

We’ll Even Help You with Repairs

Not only will we assist you with choosing and installing your custom vertical blinds, but we will also handle the repairs should any of the components break. Our all-inclusive services make us a preferred, one-stop shop when it comes to trendy, high-quality products.

If you would like to request a custom quote from us, be sure to click here and speak to us today.