Honeycomb Blinds

Dynamic Style and Versatility with Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb blinds (popularly known as cellular blinds) are an innovative and ergonomic choice when it comes to window shading solutions. These specialised blinds offer fantastic insulation to any room and come in an array of fabrics, colours, and textures. This makes these products a natural choice for anyone who wants to redecorate their home and align their new window fittings with their current colour palette and style.

Here at Designer Blinds, our cellular blinds come in several colour options and textures, allowing customers to create the perfect design for their chosen aesthetic. Below we discuss the perks of honeycomb blinds in greater detail.

Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb Blinds Offer Customers Many Features

When you purchase our honeycomb blinds, you can enjoy several impressive features. These include:

  • Fantastic insulation: One of the core perks of honeycomb blinds is that they can effortlessly regulate the temperature. The specialised honeycomb shape allows them to trap layers of air, acting as an effective buffer against the elements. This feature can save customers on heating and cooling bills, keeping your home toasty during winter and cool and airy during summer. This thermal efficiency is one of the reasons why these models are so popular amongst our clients.
  • Ultimate privacy: These blinds also offer the necessary privacy, especially when they opt for the block-out option. Our block-out solutions offer 99 % coverage, making sure that rooms are dark and shaded when you choose them to be. This also prevents direct sunlight from entering the home, further adding to the cooling effect. Nonetheless, translucent models are also available for those who want to let the light in, making this a customisable option.
  • Stylish versatility: These blinds offer flexibility in terms of design. The various colours and textures, allow users to customise them according to their décor and design preferences. Have a look at our available colour swatches, including the Duotone or Blackout Raven, Swan, Papyrus, Dolphin, and Chocolate options. Add the additional black-out layer for added privacy and light regulation, and you can enjoy an attractive and effective window-fitting solution.
  • An effective sound barrier: Another handy feature of these products is that they buffer loud noises and sounds. The honeycomb design creates pockets that trap noise that would otherwise enter your home through the windows adding to the tranquil ambience that most of us like to enjoy at home.

Honeycomb blinds offer many advantages, especially for those who are looking to enjoy superior thermal efficiency and design versatility. Our range of products also includes:

  • Aluminium or wooden Venetian blinds
  • Roller blinds
  • Custom vertical blinds
  • Plaswood Venetian blinds
  • Motorised blinds
  • Shutters

Whatever type of window covering you prefer, our team are on hand to advise you on the best option for your home.

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Honeycomb blinds are super versatile, offering a range of possibilities for any homeowner looking for a dynamic window shading solution. For more information on our various blind offerings, browse our product catalogue or visit one of our stores. You are also welcome to send us a message, and we will gladly be in touch with you.