Living Room Blinds

Choose from Our Range of Living Room Blinds and Transform Your Home

Living room blinds are hailed for their transformative power, and if you want to know how to elevate your home, we can help you do it. Window furnishings are usually treated as a finishing touch that adds a little extra detail. We at Designer Blinds see things differently because we know that anything that takes up so much space in a room is integral to the look and feel of the area. Blinds can make or break colour schemes, harmonise the décor, and unite all the architectural elements into a picture that flows well. More than aesthetically, practical benefits go beyond the visual appeal. The advantages of blinds cannot be overlooked, from optimal light filtering and modulation to offering a shield of privacy in places like bedrooms, bathrooms, and workspaces. If you want to take advantage of living room blinds, we have several solutions for you.

living room blinds

Selecting Living Room Blinds that Work with Your Décor

We all enjoy creating and living in our own homes. They are sanctuaries where we feel safe enough to rest, relax, and recover from stress. The living room, in particular, was created for unwinding and spending time with loved ones, so it is essential that it feels like home. What welcomes and invites you in is all up to your unique tastes, but no matter the interior style you enjoy most, we have home blinds that will suit your preferences, such as:

  • Scandinavian: The Scandinavian style (also called ‘Scandi’) uses natural light and materials, rectilinear motions, and a less-is-more approach to interior styling. Warm and cosy textiles are also used, so living room blinds inspired by the Scandinavian style include roller blinds that maximise light. Sheer fabrics and natural swatches are ideal.
  • Minimalism: Minimalism is characterised by its clean lines, simple concepts, and decluttered spaces. Neutral colours are also favoured, so seamless living room blinds like roller and vertical blinds are best suited.
  • Country Style: Country or farmhouse chic is known for warm, cosy, rustic charm with distressed finishes and a few vintage pieces. Shutters are a great window option for such homes and properties with a more traditional and elegant style.
  • Boho Aesthetic: Bohemian (boho) décor is eclectic, with a mix of influences across various cultures and an array of rich patterns, hues, and textures. The boho-inspired home is a treasure trove of thrifted items and bold pieces. Beautiful wooden Venetian or honeycomb blinds maintain an exciting look and natural feel for homes like this.
  • Industrial: The raw, unfinished feeling created by industrial spaces with materials like concrete and salvaged metals means that living room blinds like aluminium Venetian blinds are a great fit.

While the above does not cover every type of interior (because several popular styles are currently trending), our range is extensive, with enough swatches to match your vision for your home. We work with you to find something suited to your taste, budget, and lifestyle needs. If you want more privacy, better lighting and temperature control, or something modern that works at a touch of a button, we have you – and your windows – covered. Chat with us today for expert advice on living room blinds.