Plaswood Venetian Blinds

Our Plaswood Venetian Blinds Offer the Benefits of Wood with None of the Downsides

Anyone who lives in South Africa knows that the weather can turn on a dime. A sunny, sweltering afternoon can quickly turn into heavy rainfall that lasts for days. The country is also home to various climates, with some areas experiencing high heat and humidity while others have seasonal snow. This can make decorating a home tricky. Not all furnishings can withstand harsh UV rays, high humidity and temperatures that change swiftly – especially if these furnishings are made from wood. Our range of Plaswood Venetian blinds was created in response to these issues and boasts features that cater to a uniquely South African climate.

Plaswood Venetian Blinds

It Looks Like Wood but Handles Much Better

Homes with well-regulated temperatures and the right humidity level can enjoy the natural beauty and durability of wood. Other homeowners often forgo that authentic wood look because they realise it will not withstand the heat and humidity within their home – but our Plaswood Venetian blinds are the ideal solution. Plaswood, also referred to as New Plaswood, Faux or EcoPlas blinds, is created with a composite material that isn’t porous like wood but still mimics the look of wooden blinds. It will not absorb moisture, warp out of shape, or rot and become brittle. It’s good news for anyone looking to add wooden features to high-moisture areas like bathrooms, kitchens and sculleries.

High Heat and Sunlight Are No Problem

If your home receives a lot of direct sunlight, and you find that window furnishings usually fade in colour over time, our Plaswood Venetian range is for you. The product does not succumb to issues like fading when exposed to UV rays, and the composite material from which it is manufactured is fire-retardant. Being non-porous, it quickly starves a fire of oxygen and kills the flames. They are considered block-out blinds, which means that if you want to keep bright sunlight out of your home, they get the job done in even the brightest of rooms.

Cleaning is Much Easier than Expected

The non-porous surface of our Plaswood Venetian blinds is also helpful in keeping them clean. They don’t stain easily, and homeowners can use a damp cloth to wipe them down if they ever become dusty. They are also anti-static, and dust won’t cling to them the same way it adheres to other materials. If you want to remove any stains or spots, a mild cleaner like diluted Clean Green will do the trick.

Shop from Our Range and Receive Outstanding Customer Service

Not only are there several benefits to installing our Plaswood Venetian blinds, but they are available in various swatches that beautifully mimic real wooden slats. With realistic wood-grain designs, they are an affordable option for anyone seeking cost-friendly alternatives to wooden blinds. We at Designer Blinds can also create Plaswood window coverings for any window size, offering you the ultimate tailored solution. Should any components break, we provide services that save you from replacing the entire installation.

To start shopping today and learn more about products suited to your home and needs, don’t hesitate to contact us here.