Plaswood Venetian Blinds for the South African Climate

Plaswood Venetian Blinds Are the Ultimate Solution for the South African Climate

Living in South Africa comes with its unique challenges in terms of décor, but if your worry is our local climate, our Plaswood Venetian blinds are ideal! From scorching heat in the summer to those occasional afternoon showers, you need a window solution that will last through it all, and we have the range perfect for your needs. Traditional wooden furnishings may struggle to withstand these conditions, but this is where Plaswood Venetian blinds shine. They’re an innovative solution designed to marry the natural warmth of wood with the resilience of modern technology. If you’re seeking a reputable blinds installer, you have come to the right place.

Plaswood venetian blinds for the south african climate

What Makes Plaswood Venetian Blinds So Special?

What sets Plaswood Venetian blinds apart from other types of window treatments is how they look like natural wood but have none of the drawbacks. They’re also an environmentally friendly alternative to timber because Plaswood is made from 100% recycled plastics, so they are sometimes referred to as EcoPlas blinds. The transformation process involves taking plastic and shredding, blending, mixing, heating it, and more, all culminating in this unique product. It’s ultra-versatile and finds applications everywhere – from furniture and fencing to our range of world-class blinds.

Defying the Elements and Offering Sun, Heat, and Fire Resistance

Our country’s abundant daily sunlight can wreak havoc on furnishings, with window coverings first in the line of fire. Over time, swatches tend to fade, and materials degrade under those harsh UV rays. Plaswood Venetian blinds, however, show durability even in direct sunlight and boast UV-resistant and fire-retardant properties. So, whether you’re worried about UV damage in a sunroom or an unforeseen mishap in the kitchen, this is your go-to solution.

Embracing the Look of Wood – But with Added Durability

Wooden blinds are beautiful, but some people are concerned about their susceptibility to moisture damage and falling apart in high-humidity environments. Plaswood Venetian blinds are made from a non-porous composite material, which means they sidestep the vulnerability to humidity and steam in places like kitchens, bathrooms, and sculleries. Since they resist absorbing moisture, mould is also less of a concern. Regularly cleaning your installation and letting some ventilation into the room will be enough to keep them in superb condition.

Effortless Maintenance for Lasting Looks and Performance

Their non-porous surface comes in handy once again when repelling dust and stains. Cleaning only takes a damp cloth, and since the composite material is anti-static, dust won’t cling to it as easily. If you do happen to stain your blinds and normal water isn’t enough to get it out, simply use diluted Clean Green as a spot treatment.

Tailored Blinds Made to Fit Along with Our Exceptional Service

At Designer Blinds, customisation and top-notch service are our priorities, which is why many homeowners and interior designers trust us. Our Plaswood Venetian blinds are available in a wide variety of realistic wood-grain designs, and we will tailor our offerings to fit your windows perfectly, big or small. Contact our friendly team now if you want to learn more about our range or whether our Plaswood Venetian blinds are the right fit for you.