Quality Blinds or Shutters

Home Improvements with New Quality Blinds or Shutters

If there is one thing we understand here at Designer Blinds, it’s how to provide custom, quality blinds and shutters that elevate homes. We know that home improvements can get costly and complicated, but our services help you quickly take any space from bleak to sleek. If you are seeking to uplift the rooms in your property with a fresh new look, then you cannot go wrong with our range of window coverings.

Spruce Up Your Kitchen

A kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where all those delicious, warm meals are made and where families get together to make memories. It is also an area that can add real value to a property when aesthetic and practical investments are introduced. Shutters are a timeless classic in kitchens and create a cleaner, more harmonious feel than curtains do. The kitchen is also prone to high humidity and cooking splatters, and our range of quality shutters and shades are ultra-easy to clean and maintain.

shutters in kitchen

Beautify Your Bedroom

Sleeping in on the weekends is almost impossible in South Africa – especially in the summer when bright rays come peeking through the curtains quite early. By introducing quality blinds to your bedroom, you can completely block out, or partially filter out, light. It’s a stylish option that uses clean lines to create the illusion of more space, which is useful for smaller rooms.

bedroom blinds

A Touch of Effortless Elegance to Your Lounge or Living Room

If you are tired of drab, old-fashioned curtains gathering dust in your living room, why not try sophisticated shutters or shades? We can even assist you with tailored motorised blinds. These are ultra-convenient as they only require the touch of a button to open or close. It is also a cordless option that is not just seamless, but a safer solution for homes with small children and pets.

Add Some Flair to Your Home Office

Remote working is gaining popularity across many industries, and families are having to create spaces at home that accommodate their busy jobs. Revamping your home office to represent your sense of style will not just improve the aesthetics of the room, but it may improve your workflow too. Sleek, streamlined blinds will help you control the light you need in the room while working, and will also create a more professional backdrop during those video-conferencing meetings.

Enjoy Total Privacy in Your Recreation Room

While work is important, so is play. If you have a recreation room dedicated to doing the things you love to do without being bothered by the world, why not give this space a makeover too? Blinds are superb for extra privacy because their overlapping slats shut the outside world out. This makes them an ideal addition to:

  • At-home art or photography studios
  • Home gyms or yoga studios
  • Gaming rooms for solitary gaming or hosting a LAN party
  • Home cinemas for catching that latest movie release

Whether you have a “man cave” or dedicated sanctuary for rest and relaxation, our quality blinds will ensure superb privacy and light control.

If you are looking for quality blinds or shutters, then speak to one of our consultants today to find out about swatches and our bespoke services.