Roller Blinds

Why Our Custom-fit Roller Blinds Are Perfect for Your Living Room

Window coverings are as vital to the aesthetics of your home as any other item of functional furniture or décor. Windows take up a large area in many living rooms, often occupying one or more walls. For this reason, sophisticated furnishings not only have practical use but set the tone for the entire space. Clunky curtains that take up space and distract the eye make the room look smaller, and when opened, tend to look bulky when bunched up at the corners. For a streamlined living room that feels more expansive and offers more breathing room, sleek roller blinds are a clever choice.

roller blinds

Why Custom Roller Blinds Are Better than Store-bought Products

While store-bought materials may seem preferable because they are easy to purchase and take home, installing them alone is quite another challenge. Window coverings that don’t fit well are a distracting eyesore, and customers sometimes end up spending more money to conceal the issue. Our tailored offerings, on the other hand, are made to measure. This means that we handle the installation for you, ensuring a seamless final product that blends in beautifully with the rest of your home.

Another problem with generic, store-bought fabrics is that shoppers are limited in their choices. Often, there are only one or two swatches from which to choose, which means settling for furnishings that are less than ideal. Unlike the drab fabrics found in many stores, our range is available in a wide variety of swatches, whether you are seeking bold patterns or more muted designs. With us, you can personalise your roller blinds to suit your unique sense of style. If you get stuck choosing between a few options, our expert consultants are right there to assist you in choosing the right design. We have both indoor and outdoor fabrics available, as well as translucent and sunscreen fabrics. Our professional installers can manage most window shapes, which is another reason our clients prefer our services.

Design Flexibility Without the Hefty Price Tag

Many homeowners enjoy the aesthetic that roller blinds provide, but fear the cost associated with their custom design and installation. That said, roller blinds are a much more affordable solution than most window coverings, and their energy efficiency saves homeowners even more money in the long run. When rolled down, they insulate a home well by keeping the heat out during the summer and trapping heat in the home during winter. They also allow for better light control, which adds to those energy bill savings.

Enjoy Even More Convenience

While roller blinds are easy to operate with a pull-cord or chain-drive system, they can also be motorised. This option allows users to open and close their window coverings using only a remote control. The automated convenience is great for those on the go but is also more aesthetically pleasing as it removes the need for cords.

For high-quality roller blinds that are durable, easy to clean, affordable and stylish, our range is nothing short of impressive. To find out more about a quote, speak to us today.