Venetian Blinds

The Different Kinds of Venetian Blinds We Supply

Property owners with a discerning eye have long understood how to spot high-quality home furnishings. It’s not just about keeping up with current trends, but about balancing form and function with sleek solutions that modernise a home or office. Window coverings like curtains can very quickly drag a room down, making it look smaller, stale, and stuffy. Thankfully, there is an alternative to that frumpy drapery that requires less cleaning and effort – all at an affordable price. Our range of stylish Venetian blinds uplifts any space by giving it a high-style, upmarket look.

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The Origins of Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are window coverings created with overlapping, horizontal slats that can be lowered, lifted, or tilted with a cord. It is often assumed that these window coverings originated in the Italian city of the same name, Venice. Some sources, though, claim that the idea came to Venetian traders through Persia and then spread globally, gaining more popularity in the late 1700s. The earliest renditions of these shades, however, date back to other ancient cultures such as the Chinese and Egyptians. Thanks to modern advancements, Venetian blinds are now enjoyed in an array of exciting styles and can even be motorised and automated.

Affordable Sophistication with Aluminium

Who doesn’t enjoy long-lasting durability? Our collection of aluminium Venetian blinds is favoured for homes and office spaces because each product is built to last. Aluminium is a non-porous material, making the product easier to clean and resistant to stains. They are also suitable for coastal climates because aluminium rails are less likely to rust.

Introduce a Natural Element to Any Space

Natural materials are currently in vogue, which means people are seeking décor and furnishings that bring the great outdoors into their home. We make this possible with our range of wooden Venetian blinds available in swatches that mimic almost any wood – from walnut to mahogany. This option is superb at warming up a room and adding an inviting, homely charm.

Plaswood Offers Innovative Advantages

Plaswood (sometimes called New Plaswood or EcoPlas) is a unique composite material created to cater to the South African climate. It holds up well in hot and humid temperatures without fading, swelling, warping, or developing mildew. Plaswood blinds can even be used in high-moisture areas like kitchens and bathrooms, or direct sunlight in places like sunrooms. A bonus is how well they emulate real wood due to their realistic wood grain textures.

Benefits You Can Enjoy in Your Home or Business

Venetian blinds are superb at blocking out and filtering light. You can thus control the UV rays allowed into the room, which lets you protect your furniture from direct sunlight, keep the heat at bay, or just enjoy some privacy. They are ultra-easy to clean and require only a wipe-down with a damp cloth. Our range also offers the ultimate customisation, because they are tailored to fit your windows and come in dozens of gorgeous swatches and stains from which to choose.

With decades of expertise and the ability to offer a seamless shopping and installation experience, let us be your go-to professionals when it comes to blinds. To view our collection, click here.