Wooden Venetian Blinds

Bring Natural Elegance into Your Home with Classic Wooden Venetian Blinds

The natural look is trending, and people are going back to basics when it comes to interior décor and design. Simple and sophisticated, yet still inspired by the beauty of nature, textures like wood are currently in high demand when it comes to window coverings. Wood has character and charm, and it is a timeless addition to any space within a home. We at Designer Blinds understand that our discerning customers seek authenticity and raw beauty. Our range of wooden Venetian blinds, made with real wood, is the simplest way to introduce warmth and elegance to your windows.

wooden venetian blinds

Don’t Limit Your Style Preferences

Just because you are shopping for wooden Venetian blinds does not mean you need to settle for one shade or swatch. Our range offers a diverse selection of stains and textures that mimic natural wood like cherry, mahogany, and walnut. Whether you are looking for something deep and bold, or if you want to make the room feel bright and airy with a lighter shade, we have a stylish option for you. With us, you have the freedom to select the options that align perfectly with your personal taste.

An Elegant Range Created to Last

Our wooden Venetian blinds are manufactured from real hardwood and feature slats with a width of 50 mm. Wood is known as a material that lasts for many years, and our blinds do not easily bend out of shape or break. If repairs are needed, however, we do offer repair services ensuring that you won’t need to replace the entire product.

Cleaning Your Installation Is Quick and Breezy

Unlike curtains, which require professional cleaning that leaves your windows bare for a few days, blinds are easy to keep in pristine condition. Regular dusting with a slightly damp cloth is all it takes to keep your wooden Venetian blinds looking great for years to come. Users are encouraged, however, to never allow water or moisture to sit on the slats, as wood is porous and may suffer water damage. If any stubborn stains occur, homeowners can use an anti-static or non-sticky cleaning spray and rinse this off with very little water, and then quickly dry the area off.

Let Us Bring Your Vision to Life

We operate out of the Top Carpets and Floors Group’s locales, which means we have a wide reach, phenomenal buying power, and connections with global buying groups. What this means for our customers is superb savings on the products they purchase and access to the latest trending styles, both locally and internationally. We save you a long and challenging search for beautiful window coverings because we have long-standing relationships with various top suppliers in the industry. If you need it, we can help you get it.

As experts in the industry, we have worked extensively with interior decorators, architects, and contractors in the construction sector. This expertise extends to every valued customer seeking advice, guidance, quality products, and professional installations.

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