Block-out Roller Blinds

13 Frequently Asked Questions About the Block-out Roller Blinds in Our Range

Block-out roller blinds offer several benefits and look fabulous too! If you have any questions about our stunning range, we answer them here. This popular option is currently trending in South Africa, so if you are considering whether roller blinds are right for you, the answers below may be of great help.

Roller Blinds

1. What Are Roller Blinds and How Do They Work?

Roller blinds are a window treatment that unroll to cover a window. It’s made from a single piece of fabric (not individual slats like other blinds) and offers any room a sleek, elegant touch.

2. Why is Block-out Fabric Often Used?

Block-out roller blinds are popular because they effectively block out sunlight and offer complete privacy.

3. Can They Be Used in the Living Room or as Kitchen Blinds?

Roller blinds make excellent additions to living rooms and kitchens, offering a dark space to enjoy your at-home cinema or keep your kitchen private in the evenings.

4. Are They Suited to All Windows?

We offer custom block-out roller blinds, whether you have floor-to-ceiling windows or even windows with a unique shape. Our range is made to measure to ensure the perfect fit.

5. Can They Assist with Insulation in a Room?

Roller blinds are excellent insulators that keep heat inside or out of the room, which makes them an energy-efficient option during both winter and summer.

6. How Do I Keep My Blinds Clean?

Cleaning your blinds is easy, requiring only regular dusting with a dry cotton cloth. Stains can be spot cleaned with an anti-static, non-sticky household cleaner and then rinsed with clean water.

7. Can I Choose a Motorised Option?

We offer motorised blinds, which allow you the convenience of controlling your blinds at the touch of a button.

8. How Easy is the Installation Process?

For your convenience, we take care of the installation for you, ensuring exact measurements and fitting so you can be sure your vision is brought to life.

9. Do I have a Choice Between Colours?

We have an extensive range of stunning hues and patterns, and you can choose an option that amplifies your taste and surrounding décor.

10. Will the Colour Fade on My Swatch?

We use colourfast fabrics that won’t fade under the harsh African sunlight and will maintain their beauty for years.

11. Can I Use Them with Other Window Coverings?

You can combine your block-out roller blinds in conjunction with other furnishings too, such as curtains, for a layered look that adds interest. This also adds a greater level of privacy and light control.

12. How Affordable Are Roller Blinds?

Compared to most window coverings, roller blinds are an exceptionally cost-friendly solution and offer value for money with all the benefits they present.

13. What Happens if My Block-out Roller Blinds Become Damaged?

Should any of the components in your installation break or receive damage, we at Designer Blinds offer repair services so that you don’t have to replace the entire installation.

If you would like assistance in choosing the right block-out roller blinds, get in touch with our expert consultants today!